Professeur de danse sportive et de salon Championne Professionnelle et juge internationale

Ladislav Bezak, the flying uncle

Ladislav Bezak,   my mother’s brother, was the first world champion in aerobatics aerobatic 1960.Classements It is the first pilot in the world to succeed the very dangerous maneuvers”Lomcovak“, by which he won the world championships
. See video above . Publication from Ladislav Bezak “Aerobatics from the past



In 1971 he moved to the west with his plane and the four children chased by a Mig. Paris Match Web Photo Deutch News



Article in the English national newspaper. TIME
German magazine on the escape of Ladislav Bezak. Quick du 5 January 1972 N°2
La voix du nord (french Newspaper)    

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